The Secret

The Secret

Book - 2006
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Dec 27, 2017

This book is extremely repetitive & after reading the first three chapters I had a clear understanding on what this book is about. Love the message but feel this book could’ve been wrapped up in one sentence.

aduckie88 Jul 02, 2017

This book has changed my life forever!

Jun 22, 2017

Highly recommend!

Jan 29, 2016

Amazing book. I recommend!!
Changed a lot of my perspectives, and I feel in control of myself. Controlling what I think about and how I think about things is something that makes me feel great!

Jun 01, 2013

This is one of the most pretentious, boring and misleading books I have ever read. It's definitely NOT about a "secret" as it has been openly written about for centuries, and practiced for a long time, especially in competitive sports and business practices. There have also been hundreds of books written about this, at least since the 1970's (I even own one from that period). The book can be reduced to one statement: "Whatever you believe in, you can manifest". And this concept is repeated, in various boring forms, without exaggeration, about a thousand times throughout the book. I was disappointed because I though she would reveal the source and contents of some of her mysterious ancient sources. However, she barely mentions them, and the main old source appears to be - the Bible. Don't waste your time with this nonsense - it is only the author's scheme to gain riches through her sales and speaking engagements.

Mar 11, 2013

Great book for people who want to learn more about their thoughts and become more aware of the thoughts they are having.

Dec 23, 2012

I agree with LauraO18

LauraO18 Aug 02, 2012

As a Christian, I know that the Law of Attraction is not true. There are many valuable principles presented in this book, but they must be toned down and taken with a grain of salt. I believe that faith and belief are very powerful...but unfortunately, the grains of truth or so scattered in with untruths that I couldn't recommend this book. I would instead recommend you read "The Secret Things of God" and anything by Norman Vincent Peale, especially "The Power of Positive Thinking" for a truthful, balanced view on belief and its power.

Francesmae97 Jun 29, 2012

This book helped me bring joy and riches into my life. It's just great to know how powerful our minds are.

Jun 25, 2012

This book is so so so awesome because it say that positive thinking is the key to a happy life. It is true, if you want to win the soccer tournament and you have to think positive and you can win. Think guys when it somes to soccer games we all think positive so that we can win the game. i am going to apply this into my life.

Jun 15, 2012

I sincerely hope that no one is deterred from reading this book based on the randoms listed on this site. Much like everything else in life, there are varying degrees of belief & skepticism. Take what you will but do give this book a shot.

Personally, I believe in much of what The Secret proclaims as it puts out the basic principles of positive energy and good karma only in a nicely gift-wrapped way to make it sound "new" and "revolutionary".

Based on my experience, The Secret does work, however its not as easy as it seems either. It requires people to follow a daily regiment of positive thinking, inward reflection and active mindfulness; easier said than done on most days.

After a couple years hiatus (hey, I'm lazy, too). I've decided to give another serious chance at this way of living (that is what it ultimately).

- Keep at it.
- Do it daily.
- Don't chase results, those will come eventually.
- Be strong because it takes will power to do this (well, anything really).

xXxAlexanderxXx Jun 14, 2012

Honestly, I'm going through a tough time at the moment so despratly I ran to methods on teaching me how to be self confident, this book gave me alot of hope and as I conintued reading I was expecting so much from the way the Author is speaking to you.. but I was really disappointed. It does not work.. the whole universe and manfusting thoughts into reality isn't true. I'd say the fact of positive brings postive might be true other than that nothing lol.

Feb 14, 2012

this book is soo amazing. it puts your mind into great detail about achieving things that u never thrwt u could. take it all in and push ur self to turn the next page! because life is all about gratitude

Sep 21, 2011

it is an excellent read. goes into detail over a lot of things

Aug 27, 2011

Very similar to "The Secret". A bit more insightful but very repetitive. I skimmed a lot of parts... Still a very powerful and useful book however.

alys2630 May 14, 2011

i may have not read it from the library but i do know the book and it is an excellent book to read

Dec 28, 2010

i vewed the secret for the first time over a year ago. it took a while to understand it all through everything i was going through. with faith i was able to utilize this secret and it is working for me everyday of my life. i have found myself in acompletely different place in my life, my dreams coming true, all because of the secret. i would say that not everyone will agree it works but that because they don't have what it takes spiritually and mentaly to achieve this awareness. The ones who do will feel abundant in all areas of life, very soon if they choose to feel it.

Aug 20, 2010

The marketing team did a great job packaging this, however, the Secret is more like an open secret. The book offers secret to life, money, and health advice with a spin on positivity in a Da Vinci Code mannerism.

mybibliothike Aug 01, 2010

Creat the life that you want with positive thinking.

Jul 14, 2010

We did know this secret, but I would submit we didn't get it. I found this book to be an eye opener, reality check and plan on applying it to my life every minute of everyday. This secret was taught to me from the Bible as a kid, I made the list my freshman year of what I thought was impossible to accomplish in high school, detail by detail and guess what, I did them all and more. I was a wall flower nerd at the time. I ended up being "Most Popular" in my class officially.
You can choose to slam it, it's your choice and it's your Universe. I prefer to believe a quote from Henry Ford from the book, "Whether you think you can or can't, either way you are right."
Read it, you have nothing to lose.

hippyheart Jul 02, 2010

Didn't we already know all this?

dntblnk Sep 02, 2009

I understand that you have to be postive and think good to have it attracted to you. Postive attracts positve yes, but not everything you do will be postive no matter how hard you try. You just keep your head up and keep going back and hoping for the best, perhaps that could be the secret.
Do not give up.

iLibrarian Aug 04, 2009

There is no mistake that Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret is a success considering the sales figures. That said, I will admit that this book is not for everyone. Much to my chagrin, I received many perplexed looks when I mentioned my choice for this review. Is this a business book? Maybe not, but it is about success. The popularity of this book alone warrants a closer examination of its contents, although, I intend to steer clear of the philosophical debate. Ultimately, you will embrace this book wholeheartedly, reject it as nonsense, or enjoy it with a smirk.
The Secret boils down to your thought habits. Through numerous examples, Byrne tries to convince readers that success comes from within, and that your thoughts have a profound influence on your life and success. Byrne affirms that anything is possible through focused visualization. An example is Morris Goodman, who was completely paralyzed in an accident, but through persistent visualizations, met his goal and walked out of the hospital less than a year after his accident. Did he manifest his recover? Byrne thinks so.

Byrne uses a compilation of famous and insightful quotations ranging from Buddha to Einstein. She combines those with powerful examples to support her premise which I’d argue really isn’t a secret. Although Byrne claims she has compiled all of the pieces of The Secret for the first time, I’d argue those elements are easily found in much of the success literature. Scott Ventrella’s The Power of Positive Thinking in Business is one example where echoes of Byrne’s book are specifically applied to business success. Even Og Mandino’s The Greatest Secret in the World, which is a follow-up to his bestseller The Greatest Salesman in the World, purports a similar message. The only significant difference, Mandino didn’t receive Oprah’s endorsement.

At times Byrne is a little over the top, bordering on ridiculous. Her writing is repetitive and I found the structure disjointed. If you take anything away from this book, look beyond the cliché of positive thinking and consider how powerful your thinking has been in your life so far. If you are the least bit curious, add your name to the holds list for either the book or the DVD, and see what you think. Maybe it will stir up some controversy in your own mind and you can join the debate.

Oct 14, 2008

I recommend this book for everyone even the younger children. It explained the universal law of our life and help us to understand and apply this law in an easy to understand style. I hope that everyone understand the law, and live a happy life that s/he really wants.

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